This competition is open to everyone.


Each competitor is allowed to present an edited video with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.
The winner of the competition will receive the HUGYCUP VIDEO TROPHY.
There will be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.


Each competitor is allowed to present one unedited shot (no cuts – no music – no editing) with a maximum duration of 1 minute.
There will be an ‘unedited shot’ award and prize for all winners (1st place – 2nd place – 3rd place).


Photographers and videographers (videofilm or videoclip) can participate in this competition.
This competition will award the best photo, videofilm or videoclip documenting the human influence on the Komodo National park.


Video theme is open, and it is at the competitor’s choice.
Each competition day the competitor will receive a new time/date code to set the camera.
All video must have been shot during the ‘Hugycup’ days on board SMY ONDINA starting 18th of June 2012  till 16th of October 2011.
Entrants must have shot all footage themself.
Video format accepted will be mini-DV Pal tapes, HDV Pal tapes & Quicktime moviefiles on a DVD & H264 files on a DVD.
Every participant will send his video in two versions. One with name of producer mentioned and one where the name of producer is not mentioned or recognizable.
A minimum of 70% of the footage must have been taken underwater.
All competitors must supply their own full video equipment.
None will be supplied by the organizers.
By submitting the video, the competitor certifies that he/she has created, composed and made the original submitted video clip.
By submitting the video, the competitor certifies that he/she has filmed every shot during the HUGYCUP competition days 2012.
Decisions of the jury panel shall be final.
Proclamation of awards and prizes will take place on the 23rd of february 2013 during the HUGYCUP prize giving & awards evening.
More details about this evening will follow.

Entries exhibiting the following behaviour will be disqualified.
Keep in mind that the Indonesian diveguides are very sensitive to divers who don’t respect their environment.

– Feeding of animals.
– Touching or moving animals to “better” backgrounds.
– Animals with signs of stress (e.g. puffed puffers,inking octopus).
– Divers visibly damaging the environment can be disqualified.
Marine life should never be stressed or endangered for the sake of a photo or some video.

Divers must dive according to the rules of diving.
Participants have to bring with them their diving license and diving insurance.
The finished video must be submitted and sent before 31st of december 2012.


Danny Van Belle

Broekstraat 24

9420 Erpe-Mere


Rights of usage:

The competition’s management and sponsors will have the right to use all the video‘s made by the competitors for promotion of the competition and for public relations.
Using and screening copyrights.
The Video producer declares that he has the full rights and is the owner of all the copyrights for the video Clip produced in the Hugycup competition including its sound track.
He has the full rights to broadcast in any way or form, including for private or commercial use everywhere in the world.
The participant will be liable for any damage, loss or expense that will be the result of using and screening his film, according to his before mentioned declaration.

Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety and the proper operation of his/her diving and photographic equipment. The organizers and the sponsors of this event do not endorse that diving is safe and do not recommend any particular location. Each participant must follow the diving rules and use his/her own judgment regarding diving safety.

By signing the inscription form the participant agrees with the rules of the competition.

The Hugycup competition is proudly organized by
Greenforce underwater Lights , Hugyfot underwater camera housings & Danny Van Belle Co. Ltd. Marine Wildlife Videography Thailand.